Some of you readers might have followed me over at Doug’s BoomerRants and are now over here seeing, “What’s this guy up to now?”.  Likely you might be here from a link from my other blog,  Perhaps some of you are brand new to following me at all.    BUT… regardless why you are here or how you ended up here you are still welcome, and welcome to post responses.  I don’t have a huge ego where I have set up “rules” and warn people about their responses being moderated for off-color remarks or opinions, subliminal or not.  Any “first reply” moderation is only going to be watchful about replies containing more cursing than providing substance.  Hell, there are times I want to spew out a cursory exclamatory as well (my TV gets a lot of that these days).  I truly don’t object to that when in context.

My BoomerRants blog was started as a social reflective on becoming an older baby boomer; looking at society in general, and my local living from a young senior’s perspective.  I drifted into political opinion and decided to spin that subject to the FPS blog.  This blog represents a continuing theme from BoomerRants… reflecting on the Boomer days, senior life in America, and stuff about family life and social changes.

Most of us who dabble inside blogs are veterans at skimming reading, looking only at titles and headers to determine how far we want to read… sometimes we pick out key words and phrases (sometimes base our responses incorrectly, too).. but we do these things to save time and it’s natural to want to read from authors who share our own opinions, helping to validate our own existence or experiences.  At times I do tend to get verbose for many readers and that’s understandable.  As an accommodation I am trying something a little new for me…  AUDIO.

For now I will try and make posts that include an audio rendition.  This will allow the reader to multi-task while listening instead of reading.

So, welcome.. and post and share and just be yourself!