I’m a senior citizen… into the retirement years, but not done working or being involved quite yet.  In one way my age might suggest I’m a wise old sage, every word and every sentence worthy of inscription carved in granite for the ages.  But.. I’m not there yet.  I still make mistakes, I can still make questionable decisions.. in other words, I’m not done being human yet.  But I do have a collection of life experiences, like most folks, and I am lucky I am still able to type a coherent sentence in the King’s English.  My kids don’t want my advice so I post it all in here as a form of therapy. 

So here’s a little of a profile.

I am transplanted from Chicago, having relocated to the Southwest about 12 years ago.  Having been born and raised in the Windy City, and having lived in its various burbs and urban locales for most my life, I carry with me a Mid West perspective and likely some values and traditions that form my perspective of life.  Up rooting myself for the Southwest… a stint in rural Arizona along the Colorado River, a stint in Las Vegas, and now near Palm Springs… was an effort to avoid snow and cold. 

Academically I have a AA Degree in Marketing, Bachelors in the Applied Behavioral Sciences, and I have actually completed all the classroom for a masters degree in a business discipline, but I failed to complete the required thesis because I had a personal issue with the school; well… long story.  But “close” only counts in playing horseshoes and tossing hand grenades and <sigh> is not a degree.

(Years later I went back to the school in a vain attempt to grovel my way back in to complete the masters studies.  “But, sir… you first took the course back when the Army Air Corps was still spinning airplane propellers to get them started!”  Oh well.)

Anyway, after a stint with the U.S. Air Force as a Security Policeman I went on to a career in business management and three times being an entrepreneur, having had my own businesses.  I worked in mail order before the internet, worked in the funeral industry, and am currently in the wonderful retirement profession of security guard (default occupation for old people).  I was married, had three kids (girl in the middle), had a divorce.  A lot of the been-there, done-that of life in between all that.

I like to observe people.. and hence I like to write about “people things” in life.  I also “feed” off of people and their experiences; one is never too old to learn (I also like to use quotes a lot too).  I am still searching for the meaning of life.. and I am almost there.

Past blogs… well, I had a survivalist blog for a while, then I started DougsBoomerRants.com, which is still there if you want to read past posts of my life in Vegas.  I’m leaving it dormant for now to concentrate on politics and this new venture.

I enjoy doing the audio part of my blog.  I’m an old electronics, ham radio, tape recording hobbyist so playing with amateur podcasting is of interest.

This should serve to give my readers a basic profile.. so they can have a better understanding where the hell I come up with the stuff I come up with.




Read and enjoy; reply and share.